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October 22, 2013
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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
WARNING: Contains descriptive sexual material, if your not comfortable with that DON'T READ.

You headed back to your room as you finished your training, ready to just relax and watch a movie with a snack. As you walked down the hallway you felt a hand clamp over your mouth and you were pulled into a closet.

Your screams were muffled by the hand so you couldn't cry for help. A second later the hand removed itself and you took a big breath of air, which was short lived when you felt an arm wrap around your waist pulling you back against someone's chest. Another hand snaked itself underneath your shirt and made it's way up.

Your eyes widened and you let out a short gasp. Out of instinct you elbowed whoever it was in the stomach and they recoiled back, letting go of your waist. Spinning around to face them you saw two red eyes glowing in the dark and you inwardly groaned. Ben.

You could practically picture him smirking as he recomposed himself and took a step towards you, making you back up against the wall in the already crowded closet. "That wasn't very nice." He said in a mocking tone. You glared at him and crossed your arms over your chest "Neither is pulling someone in a closet and violating them!" You accused, taking a step towards him and poking a finger to his chest.

He chuckled and leaned down till your lips were inches apart and realization hit that he was going to kiss you. Before he could get any closer you bolted out of the closet and down the hall, there's no way your gonna lose your first kiss let alone your virginity to that pervert. You knew him well enough to know he'd wanna take it the whole way, and as much as you hate to admit it he was way stronger than you so there was no way you could stop it.

Unfortunately all the other creepypastas were out killing for the night, so there was no way you could rely on one of them to save you. You just had to keep running and hope he didn't catch you.

"You wanna play huh?" You heard his voice echo through the large house as you lay down on the floor and slid under the couch, holding your breath so as to not make any noise. You heard his footsteps as he made his way down the stairs into the living room. Brown boots came into view along with a mental imagine of his cocky smile and you rolled your eyes. Sometimes that guy is just too full of himself.

You heard him laugh as he walked over to the couch. "So predictable." He muttered to himself and he leaned down and pull you out from underneath the couch and to your feet. So you did the first thing that came to your mind and kneed him where the sun don't shine and bolted as fast as you could to your room and locked the door.

Panting and out of breath you slid down against the door and let out a little laugh, imagining what his face looked like after you kneed him in the private place. Pressing your ear against the door you listened for any sounds that might suggest he was coming. When you heard nothing you stood and smiled victoriously to yourself, glad you had managed to escape him. Of course you forgot one very important thing....He can travel through electronics.

So before you even had a second to realize what had happened you were pinned to your bed face down, him on top of you holding your hands behind your back. You struggled as best you could but he remained firm not letting you get away from him. He chuckled lightly and leaned down next to your neck "You shouldn't have done that." He whispered into your ear sending an involuntary shiver down your spine. But of course he took notice of it placed a lingering kiss to your neck.

"We're alone....Let's play a game shall we?" Was all you heard before a blindfold was tied over your eyes, making you question where he even got a blindfold from...Did he have one prepared? He flipped you over still keeping you down by straddling you and pinning your hands. Opening your mouth to refuse you ironically gave him the perfect opportunity to plunge his tongue inside your mouth, exploring your wet cavern and claiming it as his new found territory. You suppressed a moan as his tongue massaged yours.

Unsatisfied with the lack of noises coming from you he released your now lightly bruised lips and moved down to your neck. Leaving butterfly kisses until he found your soft spot and started sucking, pulling a soft moan from you. You could feel him smirk as he nibbled on the sensitive flesh, surely leaving a mark. A need began to grow in your chest that scared you as it grew more and more strong, close to breaking whatever self control you had left. Though you were determined to keep your respect so you kept suppressing the moans that were threatening to spill as he continued abusing your soft spot.

Frustrated with your continued resisting he let out a small growl as he sat up and pulled your top off. As soon as he released your hands they flew up to cover your chest, although you would've liked to take the blindfold off you didn't want him taking off your bra and seeing your bare chest. Using one hand he grabbed your wrists and pinned them above your head, and no matter how much you wriggled your hands they wouldn't come lose from his grip. He grinned watching you wriggling underneath him, lust growing deeper and deeper behind his eyes.

He used his spare hand to unhook your bra and throw it into some random corner to be forgotten and then looked down at your bare breasts, a perverted smile taking place on his face and a massive blush taking place on your cheeks. You whole body tensed as you felt his mouth enclose around your right bud and suck softly. Your breathing quickened as a new feeling coursed through your body, the feeling you've been trying to ignore this whole time. Pleasure. A loud moan escaped your lips as he bit down and you mentally cursed yourself, knowing you had given him what he wanted.

He sucked and nibbled and kneaded your breast before moving onto the next one, giving it the same treatment. Very soon you found yourself losing the last little bit of control you had as you drowned in pleasure. Little moans of satisfaction left your lips every few seconds and he stopped, happy that you had finally given up resisting. He untied your blindfold and took it off, looking into your eyes he found what he was looking for. Lust. Leaning down he connected your lips and you kissed back eagerly, playing along when he forced his tongue in your mouth.

You felt his hand trail down from your waist to your pant line before slipping in and rubbing your heat through your panties. He released your wrists finally giving you the freedom to move your hands again. You squirmed as he teased you more and more, almost whining at how unfair it was. Pulling away from the kiss you tugged at his shirt and he got the message, taking it off and exposing his chest. A smile grew on your face as you scanned every inch of his lean yet lightly muscled chest. Leaning up to his level you placed your lips on his collar bone and moved down, running your tongue across his skin. He groaned in appreciation, enjoying this side of you he never thought you had.

When he finally took his hand out of your pants your own hand moved down to his belt, unbuckling it and ripping it off, then finished by unzipping his pant's zip. You switched your positions so that were pinning him and moved down to his lower regions. You've never done this before but you've read a couple of stories so you at least have an idea of it. Pulling down his pants and boxer's you stared wide eyed at the 9 inch cock in front of you. You flicked your tongue against his head and he moaned breathlessly, urging you to go on.

You bent your head down lower and took some of him in your mouth until you couldn't fit anymore in. He gripped his hand in your hair and you began bobbing your head slowly back and forth, him guiding you. He started pushing your head faster and you could tell he was close to releasing. A hot sticky substance filled your mouth and he sighed in bliss. Swallowing his cum you looked up at him to see his hungry gaze already on you.

You crawled up onto his chest and he flipped you so you were underneath him once again, wasting no time in slipping of your pants and underwear. Gripping your hips he positioned himself at your entrance and you fiddled nervously with your hands, fear taking place all over again. A hand left your hip and cupped your cheek, rubbing gently with his thumb he gave you a reassuring look and you hesitantly nodded. He pushed himself in slowly and you shut your eyes tightly as the pain grew worse, only to scream out in pain when he pushed all the way and broke your hymen. Tears leaked out of your eyes and the pain intensified further, using his thumb he wiped them away and kissed your forehead gently.

After a few minutes passed the pain dulled down and you moved your hips a little, getting used to the feeling of having him inside of you. Taking that as a sign to continue he pulled out gently and pumped himself back in at a slow pace, letting you adjust. Soon the pain was completely gone and was replaced with pleasure. "F-faster..." You begged and he complied, going at a faster and harder rate. Soon he was pumping inside of you at an inhuman speed, you both moaning and letting out other little noises of pleasure. An unfamiliar knot began to form in your stomach as he got rougher and rougher with you.

An intense wave of pleasure hit you as he found your g-spot and you screamed in pleasure instead of pain this time. "B-Ben!" You called out as the knot released filling you with ecstasy. Seconds later he called out your name as he lifted out of you just in time to release his load on your stomach. Panting, you laid back down on the bed, expecting him to do the same. But instead he spread your legs out wider and stuck his head in between, beginning to lick your clit. You ran a hand through his tangled messy hair as he pumped his tongue in, licking up all the juices left behind and cleaning you out.

When he was finished with the leftovers he wanted more. So he pushed two fingers inside of you and pumped, and you felt the knot returning quickly. Adding a third finger he sucked on your pearl harshly and you soon begun screaming out his name again. Cumming for a second time he licked it all up until he was satisfied, lying down next to you and wrapping his arms around your waist tightly and pulling you closer. You reached down and pulled the blankets over your bodies as you snuggled into his warm chest. Looking down at you he grinned lazily earning a smile from you.

"I love you, (Name)."

"I love you too, Ben."
Listen...This is a lemon. Which means very explicit scenes, so if you read this and are unhappy, it's your own fault for not reading the title properly. Sorry about any spelling mistakes or anything like that, it's really late at night and I'm tired so I might have missed a thing or two. Hope you enjoy though~
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Doctor: What is the problem again,Lis?

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Doctor:W hat for..O-O *getting shaked* ..Calm down..okay..what for an fanfiction?

Me: A..a..nasty one. HELP ME^! D;

Doctor: Ben drowned again,huh? I guess Crazy Cassie can help you,Lis.

Me: ..Who is that?

Doctor: Dat girl behind you.She is a fan girl of ben and jeff ..and..yeah

Me: I am not a fan girl..just reading it....because I..was..bored? Yeah,I guess

Doctor: Now go home Lis

Me: But what  about..

Doctor: ..what?

Me: Nevermind..*epic laught,because cassie draw with blood on doctors face a penis xD*

Doctor: Weird kid :3

[Hey Emo! Wanna RP :3?]
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It was night and Saph '[Human earlier I] went around through the forest. She was scared, wondering where she is. Her little dog Luna ran away and she was looking into the forest. It took hours nothing and it began to get dark. Eyes were watching her. She felt her panic and fear was greater. Where is Luna? Where is her small black dog? 'Luuuunaaa!' She screamed after her, looked with her white-blue eyes for something portable, as she stopped in and heard a giggle . Not a human giggle, it was  a really demonic giggle. She turned around quickly. Nobody. What was going on here? Now noticed that she was in the ,,Forbidden Forest,, , where it was said rumors of the murderers and Creepypastas. A loud painful howling came from the front and she knew this howl. LUNA! That was her! She ran as fast as possible to her, holding the flashlight in front of her, the glow from the artificial light illuminated the environment and she did not want to have the light ever turned on. She was garbled. Legs were torn off and the blood gushed out. Her head had deep cuts and the eyes were stabbed out and nailed to the next tree. Among them stood with blood, Luna's blood:

,,You poor little girl. You should not have come here. Your Protective Angel is dead and we are watching you. Prepare your death. We are close,,

'' What? But I did not do anything. I .. I have just looking for my dog! 'She said to herself, as tears flowed down their cheeks. Her dog is dead., Her little angel is DEAD!
'Luna ..' 'she said, hugging the body of her dog. After a few minutes she stood up and looked around. '' I must get out of here! '' she ran, without aim, through this forest. She screamed for help, but stopped instantly when she saw this figure in front of her. This creature was huge and scary. It looked like a human being, but ima and too large. It was about 4 feet tall and was wearing a black suit art. She knew who it was. A word only came from her throat out, '' S-Slenderman .. '' she said, and looked up. Beside him was a red-haired girl with black eyes and stared at Saphirre. [Lol, That's you! :D]
KawaiiEmo1000 Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2014  Student Artist
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[Naah,not so good,but thanks :3] [And please roleplay,lol :DD]

The redhead smirked, staring with pity joy to the blonde girl. So much fear had Saph 'never had in life. So much dread and panic. minutes after death silence the redhead began to grin, not just a normal, especially a really terrifying grin, and said, 'the poor girl has lost in the forest and no longer finds it out. You would just not to go into the forest to look for your stupid mutt! 'She laughed a kind of a really nasty laugh.
Saphirre was inwardly furious and angry. No one insulted her sweet dog! She took her courage and yelled at them, 'It is not a MUTT, you bitch!', Which was actually stupid, because you never know what they will do.
'How dare you to call me a BITCH! I'll show YOU! 'She yelled at her and grabbed her neck, as Slenderman they hold back with his tentacles. 'Cassie, let it. '', and turned to Saphirre, '' So who are you, child. 'he asked, looking at her. 'Saphirre ...' 'she said at the same time in trembling, muttering voice.
'Slendy? Who is there? '' said a harsh voice behind Slenderman and showed. His skin was white as slenderman and his eyelids were burned off and never seemed to blink. In his face was a grin purely cut. It was .. Jeff the Killer!
'Just a human,jeffrey..',he said modestly but with accentuation.
'Do not call me that!', But he came back to point, '' So so..a human?What makes a human being here? 'He asked her and blinked at her. Cassie grumbled softly, 'I do not know! The has been looking for her dog. Luna or so .. I've killed her, hehe! 'She laughed, teased saphirre.' 'You've killed her! You monster! Luna was innocent! How to s-', it was cut off by Jeff who somehow tackled her from behind and shut her mouth. The voice was muffled because of the hand and quietly. As jeff hand her mouth to speaking with one of, he had a kind of anesthesia had in a towel and she fell asleep artificially.

Three hours later.

The eyes opened by Saph and she looked half stunned with the eyes. Where is she? She was in a greenish room and lay on a bed. The interior was well with furniture, cupboards and other things well equipped. She heard the door open and was hiding under the covers, whimpered softly. The steps can be listened to as paws. Just as cats paw, but as if long claws would turn. A demonic chuckle was heard. ' Saph, YOU do not have to hide. ',' It said with a grin.
Saph knew that voice. But it was also impossible. It was Xeotrah, but how can that be. She had essentially invented this and more.
'I can read your mind. I'll explain it later, hehe. Now come out of the ceiling, okay? Will not go on the hard tour ', as she said this, she went with rapid steps to the bed and pulled the blanket off and threw it against the wall. 'You've grown. Can remember well when you were 12. ',' She laughed, 'You lookin' good as a demonic elf. Like ..Ben ... '' she said and walked out of the room. '' As Ben? .. '', she knew who it was and surprised everyone quickly to a mirror and looked at himself. She looked like .... a demonic elf. What happened. What the hell is going on....
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